Family Tour

From toddlers to grandparents, siblings or extended families, it is wonderful and special to travel together. Israel offers something for every age and is very child friendly.

In addition must-see sites these are some optional ideas:

  • In Jerusalem you will be able to join an archeological sifting project, wade through a 2700 year old water tunnel and walk the ramparts of the old city walls.
  • In Tel-Aviv you can bike along the sea promenade from old Jaffa to the port and visit independence house where Israel was established.
  • In the North relive the biblical stories of Debora, Yiftach and Saul, swim in the Sahne natural pools and prepare your own chocolate at "Galita".
  • South – Beduiin hospitality and camel rides, hiking in the craters and floating in the dead sea.

Camel ride, hike at the Ein-Gedi oasis, float in the Dead sea, climb or cable up Massada mountain fortress to hear the amazing story of kings and rebels.