With All Your Senses

Choose one or experience all five. These tours are suitable for groups of friends, communities or even newlywed couples.


In this tour we will explore the different tastes of Israel.Israel the land of milk and honey is blessed with many boutique food producers such as wine, cheese, beer and chocolate. We will combine visits to farms, wineries, breweries and local markets. We will learn about the melting pot of our diverse society though the food.


This tour is all about art. Throughout the ages art was an important part of the local culture. The many civilizations that passed through Israel left their mark. We will visit main art museums as well as archeological and religious sites with an emphasis on art and style. You will enjoy modern art galleries and kabalistic art, meet with active artists and take part in an art studio class.


This trip is for the doers. Based on the season you can hike, paraglide, scuba dive, raft on the Jordan, drive an ATV, crawl through Bar kochvah caves, ride a camel, pick fruit, participate in a dig, zip-line, learn to weave or rappel down a cliff. This is the most active tour you can get.


This tour focuses on various aspects of modern Israeli society. Israel is a very diverse society. In this tour you will have a chance to hear different voices and opinions.
  • Meet with new OLIM from Russia or Ethiopia.
  • Learn about the great Aliya of the 50’ in the Libyan and Babylonian museums.
  • Get to know Druze, Beduins , Samaritan and Kaarites.
  • Talk to soldiers and pioneers in different fields.
  • Visit coexistence (arab-jew) organizations.
This can be a full tour or combined with others.


A tour that will blow your senses. This tour will take you through the unique smells of the country. You will visit:
  • Soap factories, such as "Saboneto" or "Nature scent".
  • Herb and spice farms spread over Israel from Eilat to Metula.
  • Perfume center in old Jaffa including create-your-own perfume session.
  • Candle factory in Tzfat.
You will also have a chance to explore the recycling museum of Hiriya and experience the smells of a kibutz.